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Budd Hopkins is a well-known UFO/alien researcher. This is a great 10 minute clip.

I've read and own "Intruders" by him and enjoyed it.

But, as these cases began to come my way, where people were reporting a sighting, a period of missing time, they couldn't account for a couple of hours. Perhaps they were in a car, the car ended up on another road aimed in the wrong direction. They were having nightmares and fears and so on afterwards. You have to assume that something traumatic had occurred in a number of these cases. So, I used a couple of friends who were psychiatrists, psychologists and others to help us with hypnotic regressions to look into these experiences that the people were unable to recall all the details of. And one of the interesting things, of course, is the people who were doing the hypnosis for us were all skeptics. I don't think they ended up skeptics, but that's the way they began. But, as the case material mounted up, and case after case after case replicated the cases before, and these were totally believable people from all walks of life, and even down to tiny details in their descriptions of what happened to them, these tiny details were replicated again and again—you have to feel you're dealing with a phenomenon that has an absolute core of reality about it.
HOPKINS: I think most dramatic are the physical marks on people's bodies after these experiences. They fall into various types, but one very common one is what we call a scoop mark, which is a little round depression about the size of my thumb nail or a little smaller. As if a little—some sort of object or some sort of tool has just removed a layer of cells.

Now, a person can be asleep at night and wake up in the morning with one of these things right on the front of the shin and it's not bleeding. This can happen, of course, outside or whatever. But, these things are extremely similar. And they turn up absolutely overnight or after the experience ended. We don't know why they're there, but they happen over and over and over again.

Another type is just a straight like surgical cut that can be anywhere from oh, a small inch or so, but down to maybe three and a half, four inches long. And there is very rarely any bleeding that results from these. And, another set of these marks can be simply large bruises, especially on the insides of the thighs, as if some kind of gynecological stirrups had been used or something of that sort. Again, if this happens during the night, the person goes to bed unmarked and wakes up with these various cuts or whatever I've described. And some of them are extremely dramatic in appearance.

When people have gone to doctors—in one case a woman went to a doctor after one of these things turned up on her back after an abduction. And the doctor insisted that she'd had surgery because there were at regular intervals little extensions along the cut. And she said, "No, this is just what happened when I woke up." That is one basic, dramatic piece of evidence.

The second thing is, of course, a person will often find in the house signs that that person has been outside. In a particular case, for instance, a man woke up in the morning with the recollection that he had been outside. He remembered there were figures in the room. He remembered pieces of this experience.
HOPKINS: One of the most important things about these cases, as they emerge, is that they come from all around the world, even from essentially illiterate people. Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, New Guinea, I mean cases have been reported exactly like the cases we get here from people who were totally illiterate. There is no possible way that this could have bubbled down. Also, one could do a simple test. You ask the man on the street to explain what a UFO abduction is about, and he may get one or two things right. But, most people really don't have a clear idea of what happens.
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