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Originally Posted by white rabbit View Post
yes, if you have an electronic device with a battery and you are exposed to emp gun (like the ones police and military use to cut comunications or stop cars) you have a high risk to get contaminated because it can cause a little explosion in the chip, releasing lithium(only if the chip have a battery)

also if an atomic bomb is detonaded at high altitude(rainbow bomb or HEMP) an emp will destroy electronic devices and RFID chips under the skin, killing people or making them very ill from lithium poison without fallout or other radiation

one single rainbow bomb or hemp can affect an entire country

the little chip(.4mm x .4mm) is no use right now(it needs and antena 80 times bigger) but it can use a battery and use a smaller antenna(or a very powerful detector)

even a capacitor(electrolytic) that leaks its like a death sentence if inside your body

considering how easy is to destroy an electronic device with an inexpensive emp gun its very stupid to put electronic devices inside the body, even your cellphone can explode and kill you if the explosion enter your leg and you dont stop the bleeding on time
Thank you white rabbit
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