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Originally Posted by bast View Post
Jeremy Corbyn.

I don't really have an opinion of this man apart from he's going to be a feeble opposition. Dangerous politics that have no place in todays dog eat dog world. UK is fucked as it is without this muppet's deranged "policies".

I cannot see him lasting long in the Labour leadership. Terrible dress sense, looks like as if he might smell of boiled fish and stale biscuits and probably has a limp, damp handshake...ewwww.

I'm sure the Labour party will bung a couple of £ million squid his way to revamp his wardrobe and toiletries cupboard. He's probably a Sainsbury's Basics label & Primark man, like me.

Then again, he could actually set the new standard by reflecting those he represents with his plain image and not tarting himself up like a Hollywood
Fashion icon on taxpayer money in Savile Row suits.

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