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Originally Posted by jimijams View Post
I see it differently here, the ego is a mental image a reference point made of thought, with no substance or independent nature. It is unable to do any of these things you suggest, can the thought 'I see' see? Can the thought 'I hear' hear? Can the thought 'I do' do anything? It can't do anything if you investigate, yet it likes to take credit for the life force that is the true source of sentience, the real 'I' that unadorned awareness that you mentioned, that is the true seer, taster, feeler, doer, not the false reference point that we call ego. If that life force wasn't flowing through your body what good would the ego be then? If you place an iron in the fire the iron will become red hot and take on all the qualities of the fire, believe it is the fire, but remove the iron from the fire and it quickly loses that quality. Ego is the same, it tells you that it's the doer, feeler, thinker but it's not it's just assumed those qualities that belong to that intelligent life force that is our true nature.
Yes & no. Words. Without them where would thought be?

Can the thought "I see" see?
Yes. Would you have any idea what an aeroplane was without thought and language to describe it? What would you actually see? Just an abstract and meaningless shape.

But I like the rest of your reply.


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