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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
from Ickes headlines today:

April 19: Temple Of Baal In New York Is Going Up On Significant Day

I am about to share with you some absolutely astounding information. It turns out that the exact day when reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal are going to be erected in Times Square in New York City and in Trafalgar Square in London is also the exact day when a very important occult festival related to the worship of Baal begins.

April 19th is the first day of a 13 day period of time known as "the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast" that culminates on the high occult holy day of Beltane on May 1st. In some parts of the world, Beltane is much better known as "May Day", and it has been described as the "Illuminatis second most sacred holiday". As you will see below, we have indeed witnessed a disturbing series of "blood sacrifices" during the second half of April in recent years, and many people wonder if there is a connection.
Icke should know better than to be quoting from a fundamentalist Christian site. This so called 'Feast of the Beast' doesn't exist and there is no more blood shed in April than in any other month. Have a look at these lists on disasters through the ages, the majority of them would involve fire. Search for 'April' and it brings up 79 results, January and May more than 100 results, February 93, March 86, June, 82. I won't go on but you get my drift. As far as the first half of the year is concerned April has fewer incidents than other months.

There is very little evidence to suggest that human sacrifice was a major part of any Baal religion so I don't see why anyone is worried and why some people are stirring this up.
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