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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
so what you are saying is that you trolled me and then when i pointed out a ridiculous statement you made in this thread you want to now try and turn that around and say that i trolled you?

lets break this down....

This is founded on 2 statements. I have already shown you how you were wrong in the other thread so let me school you in this one too

you said above:

Whilst I wouldn't negate your general critique of the mainstream system, personally I'm none too impressed with so called "truther" info either..

Now this statement in and of itself could be construed by people here as trolling because you are trying to imply that all 'truther' info is not good information

So really that's a slap in the face of people here

But when i pointed out that you can't tar all information with the same brush as each piece of information should be taken and assessed on its own merits you then not only did not concede that i had made a fair point you simply tried to make some strange reletavist statement that all information is the same
No, I didn't troll you. I made a legitimate comment on your thread. You are trolling me here. I can say whatever I like about the so called truth movement. There's people like you in it, so I see no reason to trust it.
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