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I disagree in that Wogan felt that David got the better of him the last time around, Wogan probably just felt abit more sympathy for him seeing as he was a "little" harsh on him in 1991 and didn't quite understand him, but I doubt Wogan thought "wow, this guy is getting back at me because I didn't believe him then..look at the way the world has ended up because of what he said". I doubt that. As far as Terry Wogan or the general populace is concerned, nothing has happened in the way of "awakening" or realisation of what's happening or going on, people are still going about their business as though it's still 1991. Of course many changes have occured to society in those years; the war of teror with 9/11 and 7/7, with the obvious and in your face over saturated surveillance state with CCTV cameras in every street, in every park, every shop/building that you can think of, shopping centres, leisure centres/public swimming pools, even public toilets in some places, not to mention more draconian laws, etc, but people just put that down to our own selfish behaviour due to crime levels (which I have to admit seems to be increasing especially with anti-social behaviour), and the positive and negative affects of technology and the misuse of it; you develop sophisticated camera technology for the consumer and for companies and you're bound to have misused by companies for purposes of security. I doubt people attribute the surveillance state and police state as a reason for TPTB to clampdown on our freedoms because we are "waking up", that's just nonsense imo. And I doubt Terry Wogan is now sitting there thinking "My gawd, David was right about Jimmy Saville being a peadophile". Only a tiny percentage of people, the ones that read David's book likely, probably even knew he exposed Jimmy Saville. I doubt any mainstream publication or newspaper ever mentioned it even if just to poke fun on him.

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