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Originally Posted by techman View Post
Glenn Hoddle saying that disabled people are reincarnations of people who were punished in other lives is very arrogant indeed, and I cannot believe David himself has been quoted as saying the same. No wonder most of the ordinary people in this country and elsewhere have no time and respect for David, because talk like that is just lunacy. Where's the evidence or truth in that? there is none, just people thinking they say what they like whenever they like in the name of "free speech".
Many religions believe it. Many also believe we experience every single situation one life being a abuser another being abused. a life female a life male. a life dying as we are born, another experiencing miscarriage... and so on.

People see it as "you bastard, how can you say something so cruel, to someone who is suffering, you are a wicked person"

I was abused most of my life, I am not hurt that I might have done something to get that karma.. or being abused was for me to learn something from, when you think in the "spiritual" it all makes sense and certainly not meant to hurt people's feelings.
When you stop watching what they want you to watch you stop thinking what they want you to think.. Then you see a world that is nothing like they tell you it is.
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