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I wish there was a way to be completely debriefed on all of this. It's like no matter which theory I look up, no matter how much sense it makes, no matter how much evidence is brought forward, and no matter how well educated the presenter is, and how well the information is represented, someone finds a way to DEBUNK the entire thing. It gets to the point of despair almost when you think you have it all figured out and then the entire argument gets obliterated by someone bringing evidence that everything you have been learning about for the past week is a lie. What the hell? You have to rethink reality and start all over again. From reptilians, to jews, to grey aliens, and corrupt human governments, no one seems to be able to stand up to close scrutiny, and real debate. The evidence falls over with a breeze of real skepticism. Despite my own experiences, the evidence never seems to match what I believe I have seen, or what the experiences themselves imply. What is really going on as far as ET/ED entities go? That is a really good question that I need answered, or at least given a direction with, because to be honest I only have my opinions here. Some input would go a long way.
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