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Default Hey....great stuff guys!!

Wow, you guys have been busy uploading your tunes!!!

O.K. still listening to some of it, but so far......

bigus dickus Hey, you're a sly've been keeping quiet about your hidden talents! Most impressed!
Well done matey....way cooll!!!

thomascovenant Hmmmm...if you've been playing guitar for 19 years, don't you think its about time you came out of the closet? BTW....I had
a listen to the guitar dude in the youtube link in your sig, and I agree...he's fantastic!

soglad Yea....some good old fashioned rock!! I'm SO glad you decided to share those files with us!! Yeah....dodgy mike in "Money" I agree (would have been good to hear your voice) but still sounded good!! Some nice lead guitar fella!! OMFG...Sultans Of Swing is not a song MOST lead guitarists I know would be prepared to take on!!! You did a great version! Onya!!
LOVED your Cream song Crossroads also....nothing like a bit of old-fashioned thrashy leady guitar!! Man you're a clever chicken! play the Dr. Phil theme better than the original band!! I bet you use that as your break music huh??? Good luck to you and the High Kings!!!

Still listening...will post more comments later!

So chuffed you're using this thread guys

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