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Originally Posted by h2pogo View Post
Yes south facing we had tomatoes coming out our ears, but the green fly ate most the other stuff.

This stuff?

Thats real cheap compared to Ireland it would of been over double the price here, I did price it up as it would be loads better having that bit of insulation qualities.
That's the stuff, they cut it to size for you and ship it next day, its made here too. Twice the price best to order direct and pay for a pallet I would think.

We lost most of our toms to the damp/blight, so as soon as I saw it, removed the lot for green chutney, left them for a week or so to see if anything went over and then made the chutney, binned the lot of the stalks etc.

We hope to have a better crop next time.

With a bit of luck we are building a dodec dome this year from the wider plastic twin wall and running water through the sheets to create an underground heat sync for all year round growing.
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