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This is going to be a biggie, in fact, I'll split it into 4 parts, but if you're too lazy to read the whole thing please remember that Alison Saunders, the DPP under pressure over her decision regarding Lord Janner was also involved in a number of cases without satisfactory outcomes:

a) The Jill Dando case, where a man was wrongly convicted and no killer has ever been found

b) The Madeleine McCann case, which does have several anomalies, along with a worrying lead relating to a Belgian Paedophile ring

c) The Daniel Morgan Murder case, which likely implicates not only Surrey Police, but heavyweight figures from Rupert Murdoch's inner circle.

All three cases above also involved a senior policeman called Hamish Campbell and link to Clarence Mitchell, a BBC journalist, who went on to work as a senior civil servant, before becoming spokesman for the McCanns

A fourth more recent case, that of Operation Fernbridge involving child trafficking and VIP paedophile networks at Elm Guest House and related establishments has once again involved both Alison Saunders and Hamish Campbell, though to my knowledge, Clarence Mitchell's has minimal connection to the case.

So, on the matter of Greville Janner, it's great news that he will be standing trial in some shape or form... given the requirements for a fair trial, I'll avoid going into further detail with 'Lord' Janner (and the wider network surrounding him) for the moment and focus instead on the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders.

First of all, we should remember that Alison Saunders has been working in the Crown Prosecution Service since 1986, when the CPS began [1].

Just how many cases of MPs and other prominent figures (including Jimmy Savile?) involved in child trafficking, illicit arms trading and murder have passed through the CPS in that time? That's one for the paid journalists to pursue...

Firstly, who remembers the Murder of Jill Dando?

Such a high profile death, carried out in a contract killing style in broad daylight would surely be subject to intensive investigation under the supervision of Hamish Campbell?

Apparently not...

There were 100+ suspects where investigations were not pursued [2] and instead, the prosecution focused on Barry George~ though no angel, there was little to suggest George was involved, save for a particle of 'what may have been' residue from a gun... there are many potential explanations for this, including:

a) The police taking Mr George's coat for photographs BEFORE forensic analysis, [3] apparently in a studio where firearms had also been photographed [4]*

b) A witness, a retired reverend, claims that he saw police entering George's flat with guns when they took the coat away but this has been denied by the police. [3]

c) Firearms residue expert Professor Marco Morin says the single particle taken from Barry George's coat may not have even come from a gun. Professor Morin suggests that the particle may have come from an incinerator burning paint or from somebody arc welding. [3]

So if Barry George didn't do it (he was cleared in 2008 [5])

Who did?

Well Mark Williams Thomas, the investigator behind exposing Jimmy Savile, did a thorough investigation of the available documentation [2]+[6] and suggests the key suspects are:

a) A hitman working on behalf of Serbian interests in retaliation for NATO's bombing of the state TV station, which killed 16 people working in the TV industry. [7]As an deliberate attack on a civilian site, it would meet the criteria of a war crime, nonetheless, Tony Blair insisted that bombing television stations was 'entirely justified' [8]

b) British Gangsters who were warning other investigators from researching organised crime. The suspects in this scenario are linked to Islington [9]

c) Members of the IRA, who were worried of exposure by Crimewatch. A very concerning aspect of this scenario is the claim that: the IRA shot Miss Dando on her doorstep, fleeing in a Land Rover to a London safe house, but claimed they were not prosecuted in order to protect the Northern Ireland peace process.

A further scenario which Mark Williams Thomas has not highlighted, is the repeated claim that Jill Dando's murder was directly related to a paedophile ring within the BBC. [10]

Though it is not immediately obvious, an angle that should be considered is that both b) and c) above could also tie in with this scenario...

b) British Gangsters who were warning other investigators from researching organised crime. The suspects in this scenario are linked to Islington

~ whether this also ties into the child abuse network procuring kids from Islington care homes for deeply disturbing films including child torture and also trafficking kids around the UK, to Jersey and onto mainland Europe remains to be seen, but should certainly be researched more thoroughly.

As regards the link to the Paedophile ring at the BBC, there are a few potential leads... firstly, we have allegations that a BBC executive 'filmed Dutch child abuse movies', was involved in abuse and played a key role in distributing films [11]. Of course, when distributing films, you have to have a network of customers, which due to the nature of the material, would require trust by both parties.

This is also highly likely to link in with much of the investigative work done by Nick Davies in the 1990s, exposing a network spanning North Wales, Bristol, Islington, Amsterdam and further afield. [12]

Another piece of the puzzle may be revealed by what became known as the Zandvoort stash:

'VILE pictures of babies being raped were taken for a child porn ring at the Jersey kids’ home of horror, police feared last night.Experts think the home is the source of many of the network’s 9,000 sick pictures, discovered in an infamous haul in Holland in the Nineties.It was dubbed the Zandvoort stash, after the town where it was found- but the studio was never uncovered.

Experts are now 90 per cent certain it was the baby unit at Haut de la Garenne’s Aviemore wing. Some of the victims in the black and white pictures were just 18 months old.' [13]

bearing in mind the long standing allegations of trafficking between Islington and Jersey (for which all records were destroyed) [14]

Another potentially very important link is Keith Harding, a British antiques expert who restored items for royalty and a prominent member of the Paedophile Information Exchange, who had a shop in Islington, which would be visited by many other members of the Paedophile Information Exchange, along with prominent MPs such Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan. [15]
What's more, Keith Harding knew Jimmy Savile, in fact, in December 1980, the BBC's Jim'll Fix It filmed Harding at his workshop in Islington, north London, where he fixed a music box belonging to a 13-year-old girl whose letter was shown on screen requesting the repair.

She then appeared with her younger brother in the studio alongside Harding and Savile.
The girl's brother Dean, now in his 40s, has told BBC News the feature was "set up" by the production team who instigated the item by approaching the family.

He said: "She was asked to write that letter. The way it came about was that my uncle was asked by his then girlfriend, who was a researcher at the BBC, if anybody in the family had a musical box. [16]

On top of all this, it should also be noted that as least as recently as 2013, Keith Harding was involved with members of the Freemason lodge linked to GCHQ, of which he was made head in 2011, despite being convicted of an indecent assault against four children aged eight and nine [17]

So, back to Jill Dando and another of the potential scenarios surrounding her murder.

c) Members of the IRA, who were worried of exposure by Crimewatch. A very concerning aspect of this scenario is the claim that: the IRA shot Miss Dando on her doorstep, fleeing in a Land Rover to a London safe house, but claimed they were not prosecuted in order to protect the Northern Ireland peace process.

Daresay any regulars on the forum are aware of the links between Sinn Fein and the IRA and Kincora, Dolphin Square and Elm Guest House:

Leon Brittan, Cyril Smith and his longtime friend Jimmy Savile were all known at Elm Guest House, which has been linked to the same networks involving key players from Islington, Jersey and Amsterdam.

Given the IRA's involvement in these networks, it's certainly conceivable that if indeed Jill Dando's killing was carried out by the IRA, if as some have suggested she had discovered the paedophile ring within the BBC, the motive for the killing could have been related to this, especially as Jimmy Savile was said to have IRA associates. [18]

A further point of note is the allegation that Jill Dando's killers were protected from prosecution... though it sounds ridiculous, similar protection for murderers appears to have been provided in a number of instances involving MI5 and MI6 informants and agents in Northern Ireland [19] as shown on a recent Panorama investigation [20]

In fact, there is even suggestion that those involved in the killing of Jimmy Savile's close friend, Lord Mountbatten may have been protected [21]

To finish for now, bear in mind that aside from the failure of Hamish Campbell to thoroughly investigate leads in Jill Dando's murder, much of what has been covered has happened since 1986, when Alison Saunders started at the CPS... which begs the question:

How many cases are presented for prosecution, never to see the light of day?




[4] * Source not verified, but worthy of further investigation

















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