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Child sex predator Jimmy Savile had a twisted love affair with a 21-stone ice cream magnate accused of abusing young boys.

According to previously unseen police intelligence reports: “Savile had a sexual relationship with Peter Jaconelli”.

They were suspected of being involved in the abuse of 35 young victims as part of a paedophile ring but never faced justice.

The police file says that the late Jaconelli – ­nicknamed King of the Cornets – enticed young boys into his ice cream parlour by throwing cash at them.

It states: “Jaconelli would sexually touch the young boys in a scramble for the money.”

Another intelligence report refers to Savile being a “close associate” of “suspected child abuser” Jaconelli, ­considered untouchable by many victims due to his role as mayor of Scarborough in the 1970s and powerful contacts.

The North Yorkshire Police reports raise further questions over whether Savile, believed to have abused more than 450 victims, could have been stopped and brought to justice before he died aged 84 in 2011.
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