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Originally Posted by elpressiedente View Post
In any Strong Civilization, its strength lies in the Family Unit.

That little Moooslim slut destroyed her family unit and deserved a 'lesson'. She clearly FUCKED UP

What is at issue here is the SAVAGERY with which some UN-Civilized CULTures build their Family unit strengths with and the 'limit' of freedoms and Rights WITH RESPONSIBILITY.

She just wanted to fuck boys, I guess she still had her Clitoris. Some girls (and boys) are like that. Moooslim savagery, doesnt have Rights for the individual in ANY fashion.

Western Values are committing SUICIDE by sympathizing with this Slut. Moooslim Savagery will kill Infidels with this sympathizing attitude just as soon as they breed an army of Jihads.
But she was born in the UK. She doesn't know true muslim way like back home. I don't blame her. OK, let me use curry as an example so that everyone understands. Having followed an Indian grandma's youtube cooking channel, the curry back home is way different than the stuff you get in Birmingham or Bradford for that matter. You ask any Indian/Pakistani British, they will agree what I am saying. So.... if that is just curry, can you convey the same to the family unit here vs back home?
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