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So Je Suis Traitor May wants to call out all forms of anti semitism and Islamaphobia

fucking well done Theresa you crazy witch

not only are you adopting the policies of Stalin , by criminalizing being critical of Judaism

now you want to adopt the policies of the Muslim Brotherhood and criminalize criticism of Islam

She is such an out of touch coward she doesn't even realize that her own Counter Extremism Tsar knows damn well where the term '' Islamaphobia '' originated and how it is used to shut down VALID criticism of Islam

same for anti semitism , it's a blanket smear term applied when uncomfortable truths are on display and the people who do not want to discuss the truth want to shut down debate instead

what a waste of space the elected representatives of the UK are

spineless cowards all of them

and yes I would gladly stand in front of a crowd and say all of this

damn the consequences of speaking the truth
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