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Originally Posted by kitler View Post
To the dustbin of history with the 'working class' and the 'mass' of the people. I am an individual. Just because I was born broke and have had proper jobs does not lump me in with any fucker. Nor does it give bone idle intelectuals the right to speak for me. I've spent many a long hour being shouted down by know it all communists playing at anarchy and the whole 'class' thing gives them away each time.

The term Class is a prison word. It is a dark spell cast to bind men in a victim mindset and an 'us vs them' mindset. It has no place in serious anarchic thought.
I like this post. Can we not say race too is a prison word?

I gave up on the anarchist movement until I discovered the simple words of Ravachol -"anarchy is the obliteration of property"

Marx was a con who said similar things. Anarchists and Communists are mortal enemies. Do you agree?
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