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To be honest, I much prefer the research of Bigfoot Tony, primarily because he seems to use logic and common sense when looking for key signs in the videos he's analysing, and he carefully looks through every possible detail he can to determine whether what the videoer or witness saw was just merely the effect of paradolia creating an illusion of a figure, or whether the figure moves according to known Bigfoot traits. All the other researchers of analysing videos of this nature, and im sorry to be blunt here, tend to be Americans (not surprising of course), and for me they tend to jump to conclusions and exaggerate alot. I think Bigfoot Tony seems to have the knack in spotting what's possibly real evidence and what's likely just a bloke in a suit or stationary object (ie tree stump etc) - either intentional or accidental by the photographer. One video I liked of his, which he did a good job of unravelling and showing what likely was filmed, was a video taken in the deep south (Mississippi I think), which claimed to show a deer being drowned by a Sasquatch. Bigfoot Tony, after carefully doing a thorough analysis of the video, felt that the creature splashing in the water was likely an Alligator, given the characteristics and details he noticed. Bigfoot Tony, as well as fellow researchers of his, seems pretty convinced a Bigfoot type Wild man exists in the UK. I'm in agreement with him there as there seems to be more evidence coming forward (albeit in very tiny dribs and drabs) of eyewitnesses, and more so of people documenting Bigfoot type tree structures. I saw a very unusual display of trees and branches made into a structure in my local woods over year ago, very like the reported Sasquatch tree structures. I mentioned this on the British Bigfoot Research site, but for some reason I never got an answer as to whether it could possible by a tree structure or just bush craft, fallen trees or kids making them. To me though they looked very odd, and I've never seen anything remotely like it before or since, and I traverse this woods on an almost weekly basis but never see trees or branches laid up in a structure like that.

As for video and photo fakery, I hear that lots and lots in regards to modern computer technology, and to be honest I find the whole "anything can be faked these days with video equipment...all you need is a computer with Photoshop or After Effects" annoying. Yes it can but with what software?. I have used programmes like Adobe Premiere and After Affects (the ones debunkers etc claim are valuable resources for fakes), and I'll tell you now that it is not easy to fake stuff using those software programmes, in fact you'd find it very hard to achieve anything realistic enough that will fool anyone. They are not easy things to use, nor are they these state of the art programmes most people think they are. Unless you're a true expert on such software and know the ins and outs of manipulating imagery, using chroma keying, key frames, etc, you'd really struggle to create anything beyond a simple object moving from left to right using key frames. And you cannot create very convincing CGI style effects using After Effects or Premiere or even Photoshop. The sophisticated graphics that are often used in TV adverts (there are some mind blowing effects used to promote a furniture store) these days are truly light years beyond what After Effects or any other similar program can do, and these things will not be available to the public. The stuff you can do on your home PC using a £1,000 Adobe Suite package will likely be equivalent to the graphics the TV studios etc where doing in the 80s. If anyone's faking footage that's truly fooling anyone (on an amateur level) then I doubt they're using Adobe After Effects or Photoshop. Photoshop is easy to fake imagery provided you've had lots of experience, but faking video is a different thing altogether.

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