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Lightbulb House of Dinefwr

Banner of the House of Dinefwr..

The House of Dinefwr was a royal house of Wales and refers to the descendants of Cadell ap Rhodri King of Seisyllwg, son of Rhodri the Great..The House of Dinefwr was a royal house of Wales and refers to the descendants of Cadell ap Rhodri King of Seisyllwg, son of Rhodri the Great..With the death of Rhodri Mawr, the kingdom of Gwynedd passed to his eldest son Anarawd ap Rhodri.. Rhodri's second son Cadell ap Rhodri, however, looked outside Gwynedd's traditional borders and took possession of the Dark Ages kingdom of Dyfed by the late 9th century, establishing his capital at the citadel of Dinefwr.. Cadell ap Rhodri's descendants are designated Dinefwr after the citadel from which they would rule Dyfed.. The Dinefwr dynasty under king Hywel Dda would unite Dyfed and Seisyllwg into the kingdom of Deheubarth in the early 10th century. The Dinefwr dynasty would rule in Deheubarth until their conquest by the Anglo-Normans in the 13th century.. This branch would compete with House Aberffraw for supremacy and influence in Wales throughout the 10th, 11th, and 12th century, with Powys variously ruled between them.. Eventually, a cadet branch of Dinefwr would establish itself in Powys by the mid 11th century, designated Mathrafal after the castle there..Rhodri was the son of Merfyn Frych, who had claimed Gwynedd upon the extinction of Cunedda's male line.. Rhodri then inherited the realm after his father's death around 844.. Merfyn hailed from "Manaw" which may either refer to the Isle of Man or Manau, the ancestral homeland of all Gwynedd's kings since Cunedda..According to later genealogies, his mother or grandmother was Nest ferch Cadell of the ruling dynasty in Powys...

In 1462, Vlad Dracula returns from a victory against the Turks to find his wife, Elisabeta...

Seisyllwg was a petty kingdom of medieval Wales.. It is unclear when it emerged as a distinct unit, but according to later sources it consisted of the former Kingdom of Ceredigion plus the region known as Ystrad Tywi.. Thus it covered the modern county of Ceredigion, part of Carmarthenshire, and the Gower Peninsula..In 872, Gwgon, the last in the traditional line of kings of Ceredigion, drowned, leaving no heir.. Gwgon's sister, Angharad, was married to Rhodri the Great of Gwynedd, who became steward over Gwgon's realm..After Cadell's death in 911, Seisyllwg was divided among his two sons, Howel (later known as Hywel Dda, or Howel the Good), and Clydog.. Hywel probably already had control over the neighboring kingdom of Dyfed by that time; there are no known kings of Dyfed following the death of Llywarch ap Hyfaidd in 904, and Hywel is known to have been married to Llywarch's daughter, Elen.. He certainly had control over it by the time Clydog died in 920, leaving the whole of Seissylwg to Hywel.. Hwyel quickly merged Seisyllwg and Dyfed into the new kingdom of Deheubarth, which covered most of southwest Wales.. From this power base, he later went on to unite almost all of Wales...

Welsh castle overlooking the River..

The Tudor dynasty of Wales and England were female line descendants of the House of Dinefwr through their ancestor Owen Tudor..The FitzGerald dynasty and related families of Ireland are female line descendants of the Welsh royal family through Nest, daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr, last King of Deheubarth, whose descendants include Elizabeth I, John F. Kennedy, and Diana Princess of Wales..The FitzGerald dynasty is a Hiberno-Norman or Cambro-Norman dynasty, and have been Peers of Ireland since at least the 14th century..Rhys ap Tewdwr (before 1065 – 1093) was a king of Deheubarth in Wales and member of the Dinefwr dynasty, a branch descended from Rhodri the Great.. He was born in the area which is now Carmarthenshire and died at the battle of Brecon in April 1093..Nest ferch Rhys (c. 1085 - before 1136) was the only legitimate daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr, last King of Deheubarth, by his wife, Gwladys ferch Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn of Powys.. She is sometimes known, incorrectly, as "Nesta" or "Princess Nesta".., we get a glimpse of them.. But there are dark corners; horrors almost impossible to Imagine..even in our worst nightmares..You would play your brains against mine?..

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