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Originally Posted by i_am View Post
Didn't take long did it?
Actually it took 3 years. I joined in October 2010.

Originally Posted by i_am View Post
Please read the forum Rules and Etiquette.
Haha, good one! Hardly anyone reads forum rules, they usually just ignore them and then wait to be told when they've overstepped the line.

It's like when you install software. How many of us actually always read the terms and conditions before we install it?

Originally Posted by i_am View Post
We do not diss other researchers.
Ahh, shame. It could be fun.

But I kind of understand. We don't want these pesky Americans suing us like they sue each other all the time. We also don't want a DDOS attack from all his fans.

More likely to get into trouble criticising the mainstream people to be honest, but if we banned that then we'd not have a forum at all...
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