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This is off topic but EXTREMELY urgent.

The British political prisoner Melanie Shaw is due back in court in late September or early October and there is a very real chance that she is going to be sectioned. We can not let this happen!

For anyone who is unaware of this travesty, Melanie Shaw is a very courageous survivor of sexual abuse which took place when she was in a Nottingham ‘Care’ Home (Beechwood).

Melanie has had the balls to speak out and name names and for this she has been kidnapped and locked up by our paedophile state.

I am PLEADING for everyone who reads this (and I know that there are thousands who come to this site) to email and write to your MPs. I have already done so.

Now of course, almost ALL politicians are corrupt and many of them are paedos themselves !!…BUT...we must let them know that we are going to make a stand on behalf of this very brave woman and that the ‘problem’ is not going to go away.

We want Melanie Shaw released and returned to her family where she belongs and nothing less will suffice.

The governor of STYAL PRISON (Mahala McGuffie) where Melanie is being held has been suspended due to allegations of mistreatment of prisoners (which includes Melanie). Styal is nothing more than a Gulag.

I would also ask that the readers of this site from other countries bombard Britain’s corrupt Prime Minister Terry May and demand Melanie’s Release.
Let the appalling case of Melanie Shaw be a watershed moment in Britain..let this be the moment when WE the people of this cesspit called the United Kingdom finally decide that we are no longer going to stand by and do nothing whilst this Holocaust against our nation’s children goes on unabated.

Let’s do this…for Melanie…and for every child that those filthy bastards in power have raped and murdered and are STILL raping and murdering.
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