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Originally Posted by madbomber View Post
They are going OTT with this one. They had live coverage of the old bastard's body being unloaded from Air Force One yesterday. The military band cranked out 'Hail to the Chief' and four renditions of 'My Country 'tis of Thee', which, in case you didn't know, the same tune as our own 'God Save the Queen.' It was all a bit surreal.
I keep singing that same old song! You keep singing it too! (Heavy Jelly if you don't recognise it from the lyrics)

Seriously didn't know about "My Country 'tis of Thee". To be fair I'm not really big on anthems. Although it's funny music channels have shows called " The Anthems " where they just play Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chilli Peppers songs for hours.
So there are now anthems that go on too long, have the sane tune and are really dreary to listen to.
And there anthems that have the same tune used for political events as well.
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