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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
Even at cruising altitude there is time to put your mask on. There are may, many documented cases of this happening. This event took place well under cruising altitude.

(I think it's fascinating how/why people who weren't there, don't know anyone who was there, have only got the information through incomplete reports and panicked/confused participants, yet need to construct all sorts of stories. Yes, weird shit happens. Sometimes there are hidden hands at work, but usually it's just very bad luck. Apparently conspiracy construction fills the need for some to comprehend a world where stuff just happens over which we have no control.)

Well personally I just want to know what she died of as there are different stories. Yes people make stuff up in panic situations and to make themselves more important. But I've yet to know why she died. Although being half sucked out of a plane gives me a good idea - did she survive that and have a heart attack later or was she injured?

And also if not putting masks on properly over mouth and nose is what people do in panic - and if you can pass out from only having it over your mouth (as in the photos) - luckily they were ok.
I like to learn from others mistakes.

How is that a conspiracy? Wanting to know the truth.

The female pilot was amazing and talked to each passenger afterwards. Hopefully other pilots will learn from her example.

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