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Originally Posted by alisa2 View Post
What is "the commons"? Is that the same as a free market? If so then they are never going to give it back. We will have to TAKE IT BACK. They are never going to say Ok, here ya go, have it back, we don't want it anymore. LOL.

Money does not equate to intelligence. Just look around you at all the dumbass upper, middle and lower middle-class people who bury their head (and their children's heads) in garbage T.V. shows. For example, my sister has a wealthy neighbor that let never played with his dog, barely fed him and never let him inside the house even when the temp outside was 10 degrees. Another time one of my sister's chickens stepped over onto a bit of his land and the wealthy neighbor shot it dead. The idiot still tries to talking to my sister as if nothing ever happened. Money has nothing to do with intelligence.
The commons is all of the base resources that private individuals or groups believe they have the right to claim to be the exclusive owners of, land being the obvious one.

These resources were free for us to live off at one point in human history, we didn't give them up willingly.

Sure money does not = intelligence, but poverty can definitely take a reasonably intelligent person and wear him down so that his decision making ability gets degraded.
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