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Let's get real here... Satan must really BE is awe at Man's inhumanity to Man. We really do not need a Hell in the Afterlife since WE are ALL so bloody complacent to let it happen here and now!

I AM equally at fault as EVERYONE of YOU!
What is wrong with you people? I have just read one book of Icke, the Lion Sleeps no More, and that one has been the BEST and most concentrated conspiracy information I have read ever. I can SENSE that he is repetitive just reading that book but. Everything basic its there. If you actually read the book and understand it, you will see that "Satan" runs this place and that´s why the evil thrive. Its the Saturn Matrix, the Reign of 666, which its the sacred number of the matrix, as so its the hexagon. There will be no Christ here or anything near, because while you are inside the matrix eating flesh and having sex with it you are actually just a sub species of the Greys/Reptz, cattle of the human farm.

I know its hard, but thats the truth. This is the Saturn/Moon Matrix and you wont be free until you are out, or them for that matter. The original creation its being hijacked, as the gnostics foresaw. Unless you enjoy what we have here right now, which CAN be enjoyed, if you are in for the dark path.

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