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the consumption of certain foods or beverages is neither here nor there in meditation or spirituality they are for health. A healthy body a healthy mind. In chinese medicine garlic onions and ginger are powerful yang medicine used for balancing out the yin. The use of stimulants for meditation is not wrong. Boddhidharma it is said drank tea and used toothpicks to keep his eyes open and focused to endure his long hours of meditation. if there is no focus or concentration in meditation it is useless anyway. Again a healthy body a focused mind. It is a about balance. I eat the three as much as possible and lots of peppers. you get a euphoric buzz from them just like the after affect of eating a good meal of sushi. thats how you know it is good food and you have eaten well. these things wake up the mind now it is ready for meditation a dull or sleepy mind should never meditate it is a waste of time.

Then again there is purposeful meditation and new age meditaion(astral projection etc.)and their needs I suppose are different in one you want to be asleep the other awake. I don't agree with new age meditation think it's a load of crap simply my opinion and I don't mean to insult anyone or their beliefs. reiki is not nei dan or internal alchemy and dimensional traveling serves no purpose. reminds me of the movie "inception" only useful to confuse yourself on reality or mess with someone elses. that is evil in my book.

I am a chi kung master I don't drink alchohol though do like weed and or tabbacco once in a while. eat meat but in small quantities and love fried spicy food, curries and stir fries all include garlic, onions, ginger. But garlic and onions on everything. salads balance all that madness out. my main and almost only beverages are tea and water. what I am saying is that I am normal but can still do amazing things with chi(my mind). So no worries be happy and live life all this nonsense about what to eat or not is speculation only. someones opinion(who usually knows nothing in the first place) which always just muddies the truth. O I forgot pickles and olives are my candy. I love salt I exersize a lot which means I sweat a lot of fluid out so salt intake is important LIKE A PREGNANT WOMAN I SIMPLY FOLLOW MY BODIES CRAVINGS. I avoid products developed by scientists to supplement what I can intake naturally through time tested methods of preperations of natural food.

I say all this because unlike people who can just talk I can do. I am not a doctor but use my chi for healing(self) and combat everyday. I could use it to heal others but it is better to teach them to heal themselves.

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