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Originally Posted by surfsteve View Post
I haven't thought about a carnivore diet but I confess I have thought about limiting the number of vegetables I consume. I personally felt Jordan Peterson was onto something when he decided to try a meat and greens diet but then I've sort of been on that diet myself for the past few years with a certain amount of cheating.

I thought this video below hit the nail on the head. In his interview with Joe Rogan he'd only been on it for a couple of weeks. I wonder how he's doing on it now and what the future will bring. Basically it says there is too little information on it to come to any conclusions. Thought that's kind of obvious and doesn't say much though I totally agree. Who couldn't. 2 weeks is not enough time to conclude much else...

Jordan Peterson’s Carnivore Diet – SHOULD YOU TRY IT?

Jordan Peterson is a tedious, no-nothing twat.

Flavour-of-the-month, flash in the pan assclown about as relevant as Pauly Shore.

Last time I heard him he admitted to being drugged to the eyeballs on anti-depressants and celebrating it.

Yeah, he's got all the answers. (did Gareth Icke delete the eyeroll emote to prevent it being used on himself?)

Peterson is all style (read: bullshit) and no substance.

The 'carnivore' diet sounds like the logical next gimmick to market to idiots when they're tired of trying all the healthy diet fads.

It's like fashion: stovepipe jeans and then flares.

Or hippies and then yuppies and then grunge.

When you're tired of jerking off to saving animals you flip it back on its head and start whacking off to eating them again.

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