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Easily carried out train-bus crash in Biloxi Mississippi

Mississippi officials on Wednesday released the names of the victims. They are Peggy Hoffman, 73 and Ken Hoffman, 82, both from Lockhart, Texas, a community about 70 miles southeast of San Antonio. Clinton Havran, 70 of Sealy, and Deborah Orr, 62, of Bastrop, also were killed in the crash, officials said.
Elderly retired volunteers for the drill "deaths".

A good Samaritan to the rescue

video witness only expects events like this in the movies [check, it was a kind of movie]
Garland Andrews captured cell phone video of the bus stuck and the impact that followed between the train and bus.

"People losing their life right in front of you," said Andrews.
Don't worry, Garland, nobody died,the cell phone shows nothing, just a planted bus and a locomotive nosed into it.

same old boring disaster drill format

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