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The Croydon tram "crash" story slides on....

Croydon tram victims 'ejected through windows' during crash

The simulation of the tram's speed is now complete and the
Interim report reveals tram was travelling faster than initially thought but signs were too late to allow adequate braking
... Six of the seven who died appeared to have been either flung or partially ejected through the tram’s windows.....
...In the latest report, the RAIB says: “Of the seven passengers who died one was found inside the tram, two were found partially inside the tram, three were found underneath the tram and another was found on the track close to the tram.”
Of course they were.

Investigators were also looking into whether lives could have been saved if the tram had been fitted with shatterproof safety glass, which is a requirement on all passenger trains.
Additional speed restrictions and signage have been introduced following the accident.
The tram's driver, Alfred Dorris, 42, was arrested at the scene and was questioned on suspicion of manslaughter.

Mr Dorris from Beckenham, south London, has been bailed until May.
A full accident report is expected to be published later this year.

Shattered windows anyone?

Recall that it was reported secondhand [by the police] that the pathologist said that all these people died "instantly".
Dr Robert Chapmen, the engaged pathologist here was a willing participant in the Diana pregnancy charade in 2007. [no death or body to be examined in embalmed state there!]
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