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Somehow I missed this Go Ahead bus 'destruction derby' in cosy Cheam, as a brand new 93 vehicle allegedly careered down the leafy road taking out numerous cars...
Father of three Hyginus Ozuome, 48, was taking out his rubbish at about 7.05am when he saw the 93 bus smash into his neighbours' cars in their road in Cheam.

The bus smashed into their neighbour's car, crushing their Nissan and Mazdas, before the bus driver was able to steer the bus back towards the road.

Mrs Ozuome said: "If it had happened a few minutes later my children would not be here.

"We usually leave to take the children to school just after the time of the crash, but because we have three young children it takes a bit of time to get everything ready in the car.

"After the crash all our neighbours came out in their pyjamas and hugged each other. I was in shock."

Residents claim that the bus driver said the brakes were not working. The bus itself had only been registered in November this year.
The lucky escape, hugging [no photos, unfortunately] the professionally smashed windscreen, occurred in darkness..."sounded like a bomb".... same old drill.
8 Dec 2015
According to residents the driver of the 93 bus said his brakes had failed as he was driving down Church Hill Road at about 7.40am this morning.
hmmm, suddenly the crash is pushed forward by 35 minutes....
Police cordoned off the road where three cars had been totalled by the Go Ahead operated bus before it tore through three front gardens.

Kenneth Hillman, a resident who saw the crash, said: "It sounded like a bomb had gone off. There were about three or four loud explosion-like sounds as I was sat in my chair.

"I got outside and saw a man who had hurt his leg another who banged their head.

"The bus hit the Golf and turned it completely around and took out the lamppost.

"It crashed into another car and pushed it through into the other garden where it hit two more that were parked.

"The driver was going towards the houses but managed to swerve away in time."

Chunks of metal and debris were strewn across the road and a lamppost had been ripped out from the pavement and left several metres away from where the bus had smashed into it.

Resident Chris Bush said he was concerned about drivers using the road and that some buses had been seen speeding down the road on previous occasions.
Drill nicely put to bed as "driver error" after a TfL "investigation" 7 months later...
14 Jun 2016
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