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And a late entry just in from West Australia in the faked bus crash of the year competition "large scale emergency unfolding"

An articulated bus, perhaps hinting at the shape of a tram

a Transperth bus crashed while carrying 22 passengers on Tuesday afternoon.

The bus crashed down an embankment in Ascot about 5.30pm, coming to a halt just metres from an apartment complex.
Dashcam footage, naturally from following drill participants. Excellent stunt driving, no sign of any of the alleged passengers.

Here's the same company involved in a disaster drill in 2010
note the "injured" man at 1.02 who looks quite perky and attentive [c.f his sudden relapse at 2.20]

A very old school drill, this 2010 event, crisis actors, the customary heroes, a seat belt driven agenda.
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