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Originally Posted by jake_ball View Post

Love the oh so realistic CCTV footage of the hard shoulder "Crash", Jake.
Nothing to see, bar the customary smashed windscreen courtest of the emergency services

AGES 23, 20 59....
16 February 2015

Big smiles from the Easingwold bus driver entering court [age 53...] he knows he's not going to jail really. The standard drill calling card of the smashed bus window. Allegedly carried out by pupils on the bus. Really!

The drill in full swing back in January 2016 [in wonderful lo-res]

Grace [Abbott, 15 y.o. daughter of Karen Smith] said the majority of the 30 children on board the bus were younger than her, with ages of students at the school ranging from 10 to 18, and "a lot of the younger children were crying".

She and a friend tried to smash the glass on the emergency, which resulted in cuts to her hand.

She said: "We knew we were waiting for 15 minutes and something bad could happen, or someone could have a panic attack, so we started to smash the emergency window.

Nice deconstruction of the ridiculous Croydonesque crash of the bus in Chattanooga -

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