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Originally Posted by Firewand View Post
Do you ever just shut up, mate? Put a sock in it for once. I've already said it's not really about the money. I'm not going to pretend I'm over the moon about the farce of the World cup final and the result though, am I. The ref should have worn his France shirt, because he pretty much handed France that game on a silver platter. France were nothing special in this World cup, and Croatia proved that by how they dominated possession in the game. France are an overrated long ball team, who mostly rely on the pace of Mbappe to hit teams on the break from the long ball, while the other team plays the better and more attractive football. Only somebody who doesn't know how to read the game properly wouldn't see that. The same with the Belgium game really, where just one lucky set piece sent France through, while Belgium played the better football for most of the game. France were lucky winners, and not worthy winners, for me. Either Belgium or Croatia should have won this World cup, but were both robbed by the over rated and hyped up France.

As for the new camera, sure. But it would've been nice not going 500 quid light in the pocket when buying one.
Yeah, but it's not the "World Cup Of Passing Out From The Back", it's the World Cup, and the long ball game is a sound strategy if you have the players to do it with, especially on the counter attack as France did. It may not be elegant but it can be effective. If you have a player of Mbappe's pace and skill, it's wise to use it to good effect.

In tennis there are serve volleyers and baseliners. Neither is the right way to do it (or rather, both are the right way to do it) and who wins is down to the player.

Same with football. Passing from the back is not the right way to do it, it's just one way of doing it. If you can do it like Spain did when they won the World Cup then it's a thing of sheer beauty, but I haven't seen a team before or since able to do it quite like that. So, they're all shite in comparison. Lol.


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