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Originally Posted by Firewand View Post
England weren't gifted any penalties against Columbia, it was a clear cut penalty. So no, I don't see any real pattern in bad refereeing during the World cup. For the most part the refs and VAR got it right. You obviously wanted France to win.
I wasn't arsed if France or Croatia won..
I just thought France had better calibre players and manager.
Croatia really went for it and made it an excellent game, both team attacked and defended well.
Croatia 2nd goal was fucked up but shit does happen.
I think France were worthy winners considering their performance in the tournament as a whole.
Unlike all the other favourites who flopped out and never shown up.
The France players worked hard and were rewarded.
(I'd like to see that French number 2 Pavard at united, he looks a fine right back)

Your opinion and my opinion are just that.. opinions
You nearly won a monkey, but didn't.
Perhaps an each way bet in future?
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