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From the book Intuitive Intelligence by Dada Gavand

Human emotional love,
So tender and touching,
Is but a trap of time.
To perpetuate human species
--A golden chain in disguise

Trap of Time

The kingdom of nature is very vast, with innumerable species, intricate designs, shapes and characters. Every living organism is different in habits, behavior and intelligence and so is unique. Each species carries its own order, hereditary traits and conditioning. All life forms thrive and survive at the cost of each other's life. Yet, there is a very orderly balance maintained in this multi-dimensional universe.

Procreation and continuance of life-forms is an intrinsic issue. But it seems that nature is handling this problem in a classic way—in a truly mysterious and intelligent way. Nature has invented many way for the procreation and continuity of life. It has laid subtle and complete designs, adopted clever means, offered baits, promised rewards, also created temptations, sensations and excitement. It is simply amazing to see the subtle net that nature has woven around life-forms to maintain the continuity of all species.

The female species plays a very important part in the procreation to keep the life cycle moving. Woman, with her feminine sensitivity and special glandular structure and nervous system, is destined to play the part of the mother. She likes young ones and derives immense satisfaction by nursing them as well. Femininity is a very powerful force that nature uses to support its plans and objectives. Likewise, the man-woman bond symbolized by the wedding knot is another trap of nature which keeps us earthbound.

Right from the bacterium up to the thinking human being, nature has various clever plans to entice a species for reproduction. It is simply a mind-boggling wonder to see how nature manages to keep its vast, complex empire continuing. While man needs to co-operate with nature's plan he must not lose sight of the chief purpose of his existence which is inner transformation through detached observation of the various enticements and attachments in his life.

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