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Default Consciousness Enlightenment

I've discovered Mr.Icke on 16/9/2017 on a youtube video. I've abandoned social media long time ago because of some reasons.

Mr.Icke, you are a what I used to call a 'Revelation' two years ago when I got my consciousness enlightenment, when everything in my consciousness was connecting back to back , one by one. I got a 'shitload' of information all packed in one to decode day after day.

I've been very surprised to see how accurate you explain everything in the same orders I've learned the subjects you are talking about (2 years ago) in this video : (( David Icke - Saturn Isn't What You Think It Is Either )), I can confirm your words at 100%.

Someone gave me a good lesson when I've discovered about my consciousness, he told me : Nothing happens for nothing, nothing is told for nothing, follow your natural instinct and senses. I've been sent to see your video in this humongous matrix.

I just want to thanks Mr.David Icke for his great courage and dedication.
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