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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Hmmm ... Interesting , I hadn't noticed that handsign before ...

The one we are more familiar with is this ...

In the pictures in the post above , the common factor seems to be that the second and third fingers are held together ... with some imagination it could be said this sign is making three Vs ... the one spock is doing makes one V

The hebrew letter Vau is number 6...

So these two signs could be seen as flashing the numbers 6 (spock's sign) and 666 (ali G's sign)

The two most important numbers there are ..

6 is lifeCarbon ........ 666 is Man

So they are telling us "we own life and you" ..(in their dreams)

Notice jews do have complete control of crystallized carbon(6) through the De Beers family one of the 13 Illuminati clans ... this is the most valued commodity on the planet.

Diamond District New York

Diamond cutting district Amsterdam

Hatton Garden Diamond district London


The jewelry industry is the biggest rip off on the planet , that most stupid goy get suckered by it ...
A future bride want's to see a token of her suitors wealth , commitment and love... A diamond ring ... so he perhaps spends $1000 on one .... If he were to try to sell that same ring the next day , he may be offered $300 if lucky ...It contains a very small amount of gold , and all of a sudden the diamond is not so valuable.

It's not at all easy to do this sign by chance . We must assume churchill is aware of what he's doing ...

And the classic churchill 'V' sign is just the same thing ....The most clear expression of 'V' .. It's even called the 'V' sign!

All these variouse forms of V signs are not jewish or Illuminati or 'Evil'... no more is the pyramid ... they are power items , so the controllers use them.

We have to approach interpretation with a flexible mind ... from another perspective , Churchill's sign could be seen as a pair of scissors ... every child is familiar with the paper rock scissors game...

Any psychologist will tell you hitler's salute was an erection, a very powerful and dominant male gesture ...

And churchill's answer to that is to wave some scissors at him ... "I'm coming to cut if off!"
To be fair you'd think they'd photoshop those "v signs" a little better.. Obama one is truly epic
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