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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
are you aware though that rap is heavily influenced by freemasonry and the record companies are often run by jewish businessmen and producers?

for example one of the early stars of hip hop was 'grandmaster flash' and 'grandmaster' is a freemasonic title
What a load of shite Not one bit of that is true...not even grandmaster!! It's chess...marvel comics or separate words for freemasons.

we aren't making it a 'jew thing'....THEY ARE!
Bollocks again! The part about making anything a jew thing was nothing to do with the origin of the sign! It was the ridiculously innacurate contrived "interpretation". It's a Jewish blessing!

I'm not on TV flashing handsigns that are part of a culture that believes it is divinely sanctioned to rule over all others....but they ARE
Anti-Semitic shite.

so get a grip on reality
Ere no, your reality is a bit distorted
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