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Default The 'Autism' sham

Hi All,

I am of the belief that the increase of autism, as well as other conditions such as ADHD, is directly related to changes in society. For example, the ever increasing vaccinations a child must go through, as well as the shite in food etc.

Now I know I must tread carefully here, as Autism is a very sensitive and very real subject for many people. All my working life so far, I have worked with 'Autistic' children and adults. I have experience with them , I'm not just some bloke who sits in a room making up theories for fun.

I believe that autism is a sham,one big lie. Now I'm not saying that it flat out doesn't exist. Or that the people with the 'condition' do not experience the symptoms and characteristics. For them it is real, but this is just them.

What I'm saying, is that the idea of 'autism' being a randomly increasing condition is a sham, used to tar any child or anyone with a certain set of personal characteristics. If a child can't behave in class, they are a disruptive influence and may have 'autism', if they don't get on with other children they are a disruptive influence and may have 'autism'. I believe autism is being used to tar anyone who does not fit the "norm" of being the perfectly programmable child with the same brush.

They say autism is a spectrum, and it is. But that's only because we are all on a bloody spectrum! We all meant to be different. But that's being lost, after all, that's not the Elites ideal.

To be honest I don't know where I'm going with this. It's all very difficult for me. I think of the perfect way to explain or phrase it and then I lose it. Any input would be appreciated. But something is wrong with this whole 'autism' thing and I just can't put my finger on it.
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