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Lightbulb Ice Slide

Nothing is Beatle proof!.

Modern architecture.. It'll never last..
A saber-toothed squirrel (Scrat) is trying to find a place to store his prized acorn.. Eventually, as he tries to stomp it into the ground, he causes a large crack in the ground that extends for miles and miles and sets off a large avalanche..Release dates March 15, 2002..

Tigey-Wigey's gonna lead the way..

2002 March 15 – A statue by Tom Murphy best known for his bronze sculpture of John Lennon now overlooks the check-in hall at the airport tha bears his name, after being unveiled by his widow Yoko Ono on Friday - Ono was joined by Cherie Blair QC when she revealed the se7en-foot bronze sculpture at John Lennon Airport..On the outbreak of World War II the airport was operated by the RAF and known as Speke..The city took over control of the airport on 1 January 1961 and prepared development plans.. In 1966, a new 7,500 ft (2,286 m) runway was opened by Prince Philip on a new site to the southeast of the existing airfield..In 1982, Pope John Paul II visited and met crowds at the old Liverpool airport officials were inspired by the layout and name of John Wayne Airport which boasts a 7 ft tall bronze statue of actor John Wayne which stands overlooking the check-in hall..In 2005 the Yellow Submarine, a large-scale work of art, was installed on a traffic island at the entrance to the airport..An impermanent exhibition of The Beatles in India's photographs made in 1968 at the Ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, by Paul can be seen above the retail units in the departure lounge.. On the roof is painted the airport's motto, a line from Lennon's song "Imagine": "Above us, only sky"... time's gone on strike..We all have our time machines, don't we..Those that take us back are memories..And what is time Travel but your pathetic attempted to try to control the world around you?.Now I don't mean to alarm you, mates, but the years are going backwards..Can you even imagine what it's like to remember everything?..

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