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Default Is gravity what we think it is?

What is gravity? As I see it gravity is just the relationship between the electric force and magnetic force. Let us look at an atom. The nucleus is positively charged with protons and attracts electrons which forms a magnetic orbit and absorbs numerical information which then forms a particular element. Everything is math when broken down but this is another subject. This is how I see our planetary system as well.

So what keeps us grounded on Earth? How about our mass and weight. So the atmosphere which is produced by ionized particles the same as the sun, creates a torus-like barrier from outside forces and therefor an equilibrium.

I also believe that the inner core and axis of this planet are indeed hollow. The core is not magma but ionized particles. This would also explain what the Aurora Borealis actually is. Earth is like a battery with a positive input and a negative output which creates a sustained atmosphere which is initially fueled by the sun. All matter is magnetic and subject to the electric force.

How about the human body? Your heart is a bio-electric pump ionizing blood and fueling the neurological system. The brain is like a magnet and why our feelings from the heart influence the mind and why our thoughts attract our personal reality. Your body also produces an electromagnetic frequency. Have you ever felt almost magnetically pulled to something or someone?

Maybe I am all wrong about this or maybe there is some truth to this?
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