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OK I just watched the series. Overall it was fuckin brilliant.

The first three parts:
-information a little scattered, a lot being thrown at you. Although you know that it will all make sense later in the lecture
- Saying that though, his brief history of the Earth is too much to understand at the first listen. Replayed it and got it. Sounds very believable.

Ther rest:
-ridiculous. Very knowledgeable man with a lovely, calm delivery.

-----My thoughts now (very quickly):
-I have that hole at the back of my mouth but, because I grew up with it, it seems normal. I'm not sure how other people's mouths are.

-I am still slightly confused about the differences among us all. I mean, I have no concrete philosophy on this but, I was thinking that people who are more material, shallow, not interested in spiritual progression etc etc were either young souls in the reincartion cycle or simply lost beings. It seems that Delbert Blair is implying there are actually EMPTY souls on this planet, who are no more than animals. That will take some grasping for me to embrace that. Although there are definately some people you just cannot talk to or influence positively so yes, it is a large possibility.

-Everything he said about the pineal gland is true.

-Are the good guys really from the Sirius star system? My gut feeling is no. Simply because of the Barack Obama connections with the constellation of Sirius (nickname 'Barky' among plenty other 'dog-head god' connections of which I have not much clue about but actually believe). Mind you if the good beings are actually from Sirius, could the recent hijacking of the Sirius Star vessel in Somalia be some kind of metaphor/ritual for dark forces intercepting these beings?

-His admission that we are going to see plenty more UFOs and things like fire in the sky is overly true. I had my first UFO encounter last year- next to two unbelievers who now have no doubts about such things.

-The stuff on children is mind blowing. Very good insights there.

The only problem is... where was the info on the daughters of god? He done the sons of god lecture but I can't find the daaughters of god lecture which he said he'd do afterwards!

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