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Notes for Pt 5-10

18. Planet originally surrounded by a magnetic field blocked out gamma and cosmic rays from disruoting life on the planet
19. Lord gods came and cause an electronic field inside the magnetic field causing everything to slow down. Its full of negative radiation which is harmful to raising conciouness and acessing our higher vibrations
20. Time and frequencies are speeding up. Spiritual souls will notice this and will need to increase their own vibration. Souless beings will have no knowledge of whats happening.
21. Those who don't increase their vibration will get diseases and eventually die
22. People will notice a drive in themselves to change, health food purifying when they may have had no interest before.
23. Mankind (no soul) - if higher frequencies come in will go crazy and behin to go crazy
24. Human will begin to question and try to follow its higher source, this will leads to wars but will last no time if the sons of gods can awaken to who they are and become in tube.
25. An increase of solar activity mentioned - harmful, skin cancers etc.
26. People of high melanin will have their cells reactivate with this increase in sun activity
27. Shpix also found on the mars, the moon and jupiter.
28. The sons of gods are the masters of the solar systems
29. The angels of the bible are are the space people (advance scientists)
30. The good guys are from Cirius and are on their way back
31. Earth will be a testing ground, we will see thing in the sea and sky that will make us tremble.
32. Children being born now to help us, very inteligent and spiritually developed, strong, can be good or bad dependent on how they were created
33. Created - When producing a child if created in love with carry that vibration, equally if born in turmoil they will also carry that frequency
34. The children can help you to live longer and help you develop
35. Subliminal messages on CD's to get to the children
36. Bonding with child when they are asleep
37. The increase of taking power away from parents when raising their children.
39. These new children will be heavily psychic
40. These children should be treated as adults and not be lied to otherwise you will loose them.
41. These kids will be souls that you already know you.
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