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Originally Posted by sirius09 View Post
Dr. Blair is indeed a genius. He has boat loads of information. My first contact with him was back in the late 70's. Back then he was teaching classes--beginning, intermediate, and advanced. His classes focused on various metaphysical topics, so-called conspiracy theories, black history, natural healing, and other topics. I took his classes several times. Over the years, I have attended many of his lectures. He would be a great guest for Coast to Coast. Other people and I have made this suggestion to them. So far, he they have not followed through. From time to time, he calls in. George Noory has allowed him to talk 10 or more minutes. Other calls have very positive comments about his comments. Dr. Blair is well-know here in the United
States. He travels around the country giving lectures. He has even gone to some of the islands to lecture. Attending his lectures and classes over the years, has certainly changed my life for the better.
I can't remember if Icke has refernced Dr Blair or not, but Icke's work is very similar to his. Especially the videos posted in this thread, almost everything he said, I had read in The Biggest Secret. Fantastic stuff none the less. I love how calm and collected he is when he talks to.
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