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Originally Posted by pilgrim1411 View Post
The Reptilian thing was created by the Illuminati [and Satan] in order to scare people and keep us in fear [of the devil]. This world belongs to God, and He defeated the Serpent when He died on the cross and rose from the dead. Like it or not, the devil is defeated.
Nope! Reptilians are used as scapegoats! Man was put here in to operate in an, unconscious state! He was told to believe that God was good - and Satan was evil! When man occupied planet Earth, (above the surface) those who put man here - were already aware of the presence of the Indigenous Reptilian - who lived below ground! A mind game between entities began to play out! To discredit the Indigenous Reptilians - man was told that below was, "Satan," and above was, "Heaven!" The Reptilians are not Religious - and therefore are disregarded, by Et's with a Religious belief system!!
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