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Wow, what an awesome website. How little I knew about echelon... here in the UK... Recommend reading this page from the website, on the underground projects which answer the powerful question 'where the fuck is all our money going?'...

This is getting me sooo fired up... what more can we all do to stop this madness right now? I think everbody should stop going to work (well, all the sheeple type jobs anyway) together, stop trading using money, & watch the entire system collapse. As long as we keep on fueling this surge of evil, they'll keep on with the attrocities! Bin those credit cards, stop repaying debt ( illuminati coining in even more of our money!!), stop using banks, stop shopping at illuminati controlled stores, all storm in together to hold these asses accountable & put an end to it all. Anyone up for it!! Or got any better ideas... (remember love, remember love, remember love... )
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