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This was a real blow for the anti big-brother movement.

It would be delusional to interpret it in any other way.

No hearts and minds were captured here and the votes certainly don't reflect any real change in thinking from the status quo.

As a few of us on this thread said on many occasions - This campaign was a set-up from the start [to capture the initiative away from], [to slow the momentum of] and [to steal the reins away from (as perceived by the British people) the anti-big brother movement by emphasising the (perceived) insignificance of the other anti-BB candidates]. And Davis comes out as the (perceived) chosen mouth-piece against a big-brother state. Not bad for a couple of months work - when DI has been speaking out against it for decades.

This would then pave the way for the introduction of new draconian measures.

You cannot fight covert, indirect tactics by big brother with direct action.

They will always be smarter and they will see you coming from a mile away.

They are much smarter than you think.

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