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Default Tomorrow's meeting

Originally Posted by earthsong View Post
The report in the Independent just confirms what David has always said about the press.... they're nothing but a load of repeaters!

David's very presence in this small East Yorkshire community is certainly shining a light on some very dark areas...and this shows that the truth will out eventually!
yep the truth is most certainly flowing....These are indeed very exciting times

There are a few of us who will be going to the meeting tomorrow who have supported David since 19 naught blob, even before the launch of his book Robots Rebellion. Attended his very early talks, held in fairly empty rooms and witnessed some very rude heckling people, the events would then be followed on by ridiculous press reports.

We can remember the public phone calls in the days when James Whale would interview David on Leeds station,Radio Aire. The radio station would only allow "conflict calls" but would offer no supportive calls through the switchboard whatsoever.

And, look at what has happened to James Whale, since those early days?
yes, these are interesting times....
DI has no intention of becoming a politician, but look at the truth which is now beginning to surface!
The scams are already becoming apparent.

I see this meeting tomorrow, as a window of opportunity, in a perfect time space sequence

My intuition and inner excitement is alive and buzzing!

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