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Originally Posted by fairyprincess View Post
I do think me have hit a brick wall, a bit. They kinda need a rebrand.....

Firstly, there's a danger of seeing an equalization of rights as a loss of male rights. I'm not suggesting there isn't an attack on men. But, yeah other people getting rights should necessarily mean an infringement of male rights.
but we have equal rights

its not rights that are unequal. It is the fact that men and women are not fundamentally, biologically exactly the same

But in the insane world of the progressive agenda any difference between the sexes is merely a 'social construct' ie it exists only in our heads because we are culturally programmed to be that way

So when one sex outperforms the other in certain areas the progressives do not consider whether or not that sex is naturally predisposed to that task. Instead they seek to FORCE everyone to be 'equal' by imposing QUOTAS

But that's not how to run a successful country in a competitive world. The chinese and indians aren't interested in the niceties of progressive wishful non-thinking

They're not going to block their best talent from rising in the IT world of bangalore because there are more men doing it then women.

So really what the progressives will do is destroy meritocracy and instead replace it with fake imposed 'equality' which will weaken our country which is the REAL and secret agenda of the people behind the progressive agenda who want to sabotage our country and bring it to crisis so that we will all accept the alternative the progressives want to offer which is technocratic-rothschild-communism

If a woman or gay person can do a job better then a man then they should get the job, but if they can't they shouldn't get the job over the man just because the progressives are butthurt that there are more men or straight people in that job role then women or gay people

Originally Posted by fairyprincess View Post
Obviously, the 'breadwinner' thing is going. But, isn't that more of a middle class thing anyway? Or at least for the last century.

For as long as i can remember, its taken two wages to run a family home. That's not a lost of position, that just economics.
But that's because wages have been driven down by flooding the workplace with more workers either by women entering the work place or by outsourcing work abroad or by mass immigration

More workers to choose from means under the laws of scarcity that people LOSE value and cannot charge as much for their services. They also lose their bargaining power which is why strikes are broken by bringing in scab labour. This drives down wages which then means that BOTH people in a couple need to work to earn what only one needed to work for in the past

Originally Posted by fairyprincess View Post
So what, can mean do? Complaining isn't the answer? It just makes you look chauvinistic. Even if your not. Doubling down, isnt the answer either.

Women, and the gay community have spent the last 50 years trying to redifine themselves, men have left themselves behind.
women didn't redefine themselves, technology made housewives REDUNDANT and our economy has been deliberately steered away from industry and towards a service economy so women have been drawn into the workforce

Originally Posted by fairyprincess View Post
The question what men need to take ownership of, is this. "What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century?" Because, whatever it is. You cant go back.

Sorry. But there it is.....
but men are not getting to define themselves. The system is defining them the same as it is defining the role of women and gay people

Both men and women will lose jobs soon to automation which will once again redefine their role in society

People will be offered increased state dependency as the solution to that crisis but what some of us here are saying is that there is another way which offers men and women purpose and meaning in life; this would involve a move away from corporate/state-fascist dependency and a move towards a more decentralised and freer way of living

Surely real freedom would be one where men and women would be free to choose what role they flow with naturally without having people dictating it to them as would occur under a quota style system?
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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