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Originally Posted by kweli View Post
No it's not gone underground.. just in a different direction for the time being. Here's a couple of more up to date reports and different angles they're trying:
Interesting read and it does raise questions.

The first thing that I want to reiterate is that the whole electronic chipping idea is in no way related to the American Masons' CHild Identification Programme and all the reports you supplied show that.

At first glance it all seems very Orwellian until you stop and think what it is in response to.

I had a good long think about this and I have a couple of thoughts first I have NO problem whatsoever with these things being inserted (probably with a remotely detonatable gram of C4) into the hearts or brains of convicted violent criminals, most especially paedophiles, rapists and murderers. To me violent crime negates any human rights that a perpetrator may have had.

The children part of it is a bit different and it causes conflict within me as a parent but also someone who has to deal with abusive shoplifting 14-18 year olds almost everyday in Catford. As a parent I can only imagine the pain and suffering of another that has lost their child for whatever reason, mine is bad enough and I know where my son now lives. I can easily see why a parent would want some kind of system that could find their child either way, if my son actually went missing I would.

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