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Today I searched for 3 of “my” threads with,,, and

I’ve searched with: “money laundering, trillion, British Virgin Islands, Dutch Antilles, Iceland, Cyprus, Danske Bank Estonian branch, Azerbaijani Laundromat, Eckart Sager, Eduard Lintner, Anar Mammadov, Deutsche, ABN AMRO, ING, Brexit, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Arron, Kentish”.
This should “my” thread on Money laundering:
It’s not found with Google, Yahoo, and Bing; it is found with Duckduckgo.
See the screenprints from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

I’ve searched with: “Alfred Dreyfus, Emile Zola, Edmond Rothschild, Esterhazy, Schwartzkoppen, Georges Picquart, Le Figaro, L’Aurore, J’Accuse, Clemenceau, Lazare”.
This should “my” thread on the Dreyfus affair:
It’s not found with Google; it is found with Yahoo, Duckduckgo and Bing.

I’ve searched with: “Brazil, Steve Bannon, Jair Bolsonaro, Zionist, Eduardo, Flavio, Oliveira, WhatsApp, Paulo Guedes, chief economics adviser, HSM Educacional, Millenium, reducing import tariffs, military dictatorship, Carlos, Mossad”.
This should “my” thread on Steve Bannon making Bolsonaro Brazil’s president:
It’s not found with Duckduckgo; it is found with Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
Do NOT ever read my posts.
Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:
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